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All-Energy Australia . 2023 - GO WITH SWATTEN


The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that Australia ranks among the top ten nations regarding new capacity additions and total market capacity. Australia's annual capacity additions of 3.9 GW rank it ninth globally, and its cumulative capacity stands at sixth place. Australia also remains one of the top ten nations with the highest solar penetration rates, coming in fifth place with 15.7%.

All-Energy Australia, in partnership with the Clean Energy Council, stands as the most anticipated event in the annual calendar of Australia's clean energy sector. The 2023 edition of All-Energy Australia witnessed a record-breaking attendance, with more than 10,000 renewable energy industry professionals converging from across the nation and around the world. This surge in participation marks the largest attendance in the event's history.

Swatten's Spotlight

At this year's event, Swatten takes centre stage, showcasing its all-in-one residential energy storage solution. The company's professional technical team will provide comprehensive on-site explanations to assist customers in understanding the innovative offerings.

Swatten's advanced innovative photovoltaic system solutions are designed to empower residents to navigate the ongoing energy transformation with ease. The core product, the SiH1 series hybrid inverter, is equipped with intelligent control features, enabling users to effectively manage high-energy-consuming loads in their homes while optimizing electricity cost savings.

All-Energy Australia 2023 isn't just a trade show; it's a platform for forging a greener future. As Swatten joins this movement, we are committed to providing cutting-edge energy solutions that empower households and contribute to Australia's impressive progress in the renewable energy sector. Together, let's continue leading the charge toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly tomorrow in Australia and beyond.